Introduction It is our hope that you will find this website informative as well as useful and that it will be a frequently used resource when you are seeking vendor services.

Mission The Regency Cooperative Association is a non-profit organization serving the Regency at Dominion Valley community. Its primary mission is to provide members access to quality, customer-oriented, licensed and insured vendors in a variety of categories with cost-competitive pricing and volume discounts.

About Joining The Cooperative is open to all Regency homeowners and renters of record. Please note that any services offered via the listing/s on this website are exclusive of Regency Owners Association- or Greenbrier Condominium Association-provided services. Non-members are able to use the listing; however, they are not entitled to the discount afforded to Cooperative members.

Management  The Cooperative was incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia in May 2008. It is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership at large. Board members are all volunteers and receive no remuneration for their participation. Contact information for the Board is listed under the CONTACT US page of this website. The Co-op Board meets on the second Monday of each month in the Board room, (unless otherwise announced on the Home Page). All Co-op members are welcome to attend.

New Vendor Certification Any member may recommend a vendor for consideration by the Board of Directors for inclusion on the Cooperative listing. This is accomplished by the submission of relevant contact information to the Board by email. Once received by the Cooperative Board of Directors, the potential vendor is contacted to determine their interest in an affiliation with the Regency Cooperative. Should this be the case, the vendor is directed to the “Become a Vendor” section of this website and asked to follow the proposal instructions.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide the Board with a listing of services they provide, comparative cost information, proof of any necessary licensing, and proof of up-to-date liability insurance. Once received, this information is reviewed by the Board which then makes the decision to accept or reject the proposal.

Annual Vendor Recertification and Renewal The Co-op requires all participating vendors to have their insurance recertified on an annual basis. This action occurs on the expiration/renewal date of each individual vendor’s liability insurance policy. Once their liability policies are renewed, the vendors are required to submit a copy of their new insurance certificate, documenting coverage, to the Cooperative for retention.

The vendor’s relationships with the Cooperative and the agreements detailing services they offer, and their associated fees, are initially negotiated for a period of one year. These agreements are subsequently renewed annually. During this annual review, each vendor has the opportunity to update their agreements by submitting changes to the list of services they offer as well as changes to their pricing structure. This action takes place on-or-about the anniversary date of their original affiliation with the Co-op.

Disclaimer The Regency Cooperative Association makes no warranty nor guarantee concerning any services offered by a vendor.

How to Join the Cooperative By selecting the BECOME A MEMBER page of this website, all the information necessary to become a member of the Cooperative is available.