Communications and the Board of Directors The Board of Directors is eager to communicate with all Cooperative members, as well as prospective members seeking information about us and/or how to join. Also, we would like to learn of new ideas or ways to improve the Cooperative and this website. We look forward to responding to your questions and/or concerns. We rely on your feedback to maintain an effective Cooperative.

Experiences and Feedback We are also interested in learning of your experiences with the vendors on our listing; hopefully they will be positive, however, we need to know about ANY problems encountered in your dealings with a vendor. Remember, your feedback is vital if we are to continue to be a successful organization.

Website Issues and Concerns Should you encounter any errors while visiting this site, functional or otherwise, we ask that you report them to our webmaster immediately via this link: It is the intent of both the webmaster and the Board of Directors to maintain a fully operational and useful website at all times and in order to do so, we need to know, in a timely manner, when and where problems are identified.

Form to Communicate with Board of Directors A blank form is located further down on this page, with instructions as to its use that provides a one-click capability to correspond with all the members of the Board of Directors simultaneously; directly from this site.

Board Members  See the Regency Community Directory for specific contact information including email and phone numbers, etc. for the current Board of Directors. Although not a voting member of the Board of Directors, our Administrator is also listed. Among a myriad of other duties, the Administrator maintains our membership roster; consequently any changes to the personal information, provided when a member joined the Cooperative should be submitted directly to her in a timely manner.

Assignments of each Director were determined during the May 13, 2024 Board Meeting.

Debra Mastaler President

Charles Tucker Vice President and Web Master

Linda Kuchnicki Treasurer

Alan Marzelli Secretary

Bruce Gerdin Director

Bill Pedersen Director

Deborah Gentry Director

Sue Reitzig Administrator

As mentioned near the top of this page, the form presented below provides a simple, quick, and direct means of communicating with all the Board members simultaneously. All that is required is for the writer/sender to fill in the blanks on this form and click on the SEND EMAIL button. Your message will immediately be sent via email to each Board member. All correspondence will receive a timely response.
Remember, your input and/or feedback are vital to our organization as we strive to provide the best possible vendor services to our membership at a discounted price.