Joining the Regency Cooperative Association is a simple process. A membership form (click below) must be filled out and mailed with a one-time $35 check payable to the Regency Cooperative to:

Regency Cooperative Association
15536 Fassels Court
Haymarket, VA 20169

Click here for Membership Form

Future Requirements
If the need should arise, additional Membership fees may be assessed on an annual basis depending on available funds in the Treasury to support necessary administrative costs.

It is important to know that the Cooperative does not provide phone numbers or email addresses of our members to vendors.

Cooperative Member Responsibilities

  • Informs the vendor that you are a member of the Regency Cooperative,
  • Controls the interface with the vendor,
  • Contacts the vendor to make all arrangements for work to be done,
  • Receives the invoice for services performed, and is responsible for remitting payment to the vendor, and
  • Works with the vendor to reconcile any disputes.

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Ensures that the client is a member of the Regency Cooperative by checking the Member list that was sent to you, or contact our Administrator ( if there’s a question about a resident’s membership,
  • Provides a written estimate, detailing all pertinent aspects of the job, if/when requested by the homeowner,
  • Charges the negotiated price,
  • Provides the warranty service agreed upon,
  • Arrives at the agreed upon time,
  • Cleans up before leaving the premises, and
  • Uses common sense ‘good conduct’ while providing quality service.

Periodically, all vendors will be provided a listing of the current Regency Cooperative members’ names and street addresses to be used as confirmation of your membership when you arrange for service. Vendors are obligated to provide their services according to their agreements, which are posted on the VENDORS page of this website.